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Why Is The Quality Of Air In Your Home Important?

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Air is one of the most important necessities of our life. We need air to breathe in and breathe out. In short, without a proper air supply, we can’t exist even for a minute! Still, most of us fail to recognize the need for pure, quality air and start polluting it in all the ways possible to humankind. Not only humans but all the living organisms except some anaerobic bacterial also need air to live. But all these organisms always live outdoors while humans often spent eighty-nine percent of their lives living indoors. More Info about the role of clean air in improving the health of people is described in the link Since humans tend to stay indoors more, and most often about sixty-nine percent of the time at their own homes itself, maintaining good quality air at home is important.

A person on an average is estimated to breathe more than eleven thousand liters of air on a daily basis. Hence, we have to give the quality of indoor home air its due importance and ensure that it remains free of pollutants and dust.

Sneak Peek Into Some Facts About Quality Of Air
The bitter truth is that most often, the air quality in the indoors is found to be polluted more than the air quality of outdoors, except of course, in some extremely polluted outdoor situations. The indoor air becomes more polluted due to the usage of various home appliances, materials used in the home, activities or hobbies done inside the home, etc. Also, low ventilation inside the house can only worsen the situation. These conditions are so bad that it is estimated that the quality of air indoors is about 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside the house.

People living in cities are exposed to more indoor pollution than people living in rural parts of the country. Nowadays, people are living more in urban parts than rural parts of the country. Thus, it further worsens the situation and makes almost everyone prone to severe air pollution within the four walls of your house!

Major Causes Of Air Pollution Indoors
Here are some of the major culprits that cause a dip in the indoor air quality:

The Chemicals Surrounding Us
Though we might not realize it, we are often surrounded by harmful chemicals inside our home. The varnishes or paints used on your furniture and the substances used in your cleaning liquids are all chemicals. All such substances cause a rise in chemical content in the air. These chemicals cause the formation of adverse particles called volatile organic compounds(VOC). This VOC is often found dissolved in the air of your house.

The Second-Hand Smokes
All of us may not need to deal with second-hand smoke pollution. In case you are one among the unfortunate, then it is seriously affecting the air quality of your home! It causes some harmful diseases and even causes infections in the ear of small kids. It even worsens the condition of people who have asthma.