A Guide To Choose Your First Shotgun

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Shotguns have been used for self-defense or for hunting for a long time and is ever evolving. They come in different sizes and types to suits the needs of its users. With its umpteen applications and different types, choosing the right shotgun is a difficult task. Luckily there are many resources like www.steelosgunsandoutdoors.com.au where you can browse and research.

The shotgun is most popular among gun owners as per experts at www.gearpatrol.com due to its various uses for home defense, hunting, etc. Below are a few things that need to be considered while buying your first shotgun.

Types of shotguns


The shells are pre-loaded into the magazine tube. When the trigger is pulled, the bullets automatically load into the machine. You can fire till all the shells are offloaded. Semi-automatic guns cost a little higher than the pump action guns. The cleaning and disassembly are also a little time-consuming.

Pump Action:

These shotguns are the most used. It is known for being reliability and cost effectiveness. For shooting a shell, you must pump the gun to dislodge the shell and to load the next round.

Double barrels:

These come in two types, O\U, and side-by-sides. Over-Under(O\U) has barrels one over the other and side-by-sides have barrels placed horizontally. The downside is that both types are very costly.

For a first-time user pump action types are best as they are reliable as well as cost effective.

Barrel length:

It is believed that if the length of the barrel is long, then the accuracy improves, but it is not true especially for first timers. A pump action gun with a 28 inch is perfect for most users. The double barrels are slightly large and also have a 28-inch barrel. For most first time users a long barrel is quite cumbersome, but the recoil is smooth.


It is located at the barrel end and squeezes the muzzle. With the use of choke, the shot traverses more distance and helps destroy the target. Fixed and screw-in are two types of chokes Fixed chokes come along with the barrel and cannot be removed whereas screw-in chokes can be set with different sizes.

Choosing a shotgun
Based on your dominant hand and eye you should buy a right-hand gun or a left-hand gun. There are some which can be used by both.
Set a budget for your gun, depending on that you can buy the type of shotgun.

Look for a store which can have a variety of guns.
Try a gun which you like, spot a place to shoot. Point the gun on the spot and aim.
The shotgun should be placed on the shoulder comfortably; the stock should also be of perfect length.
The head should not be tilted too much from your natural posture.
Check the gun for any damages, go ahead with the purchase if all your criteria are met.

Before buying a shotgun do a thorough research, go to a store, try it and verify if the gun is what you are looking for as your comfort while using this firearm is extremely important.